Marketing Materials

Use of Circle of Security Manual & DVD

Registered Parent Educators have a license to use the materials, they do not own them and the license can be revoked if the terms of the contract are not met.

Using the term CIRCLE OF SECURITY™

Registered Parent Educators may only use the trademarked term CIRCLE OF SECURITY™ in the following manner in all advertising, announcements, handouts or the like:

  • “Circle of Security Registered Parent Educator” when describing his/her qualifications to teach CIRCLE OF SECURITY™ Parenting Program
  • “Circle of Security Parenting” when describing the program

Agreements Made in the Contract

Registered Parent Educators:

  • Will not use the DVD to train professionals. Professionals may attend, but must attend as parents, or using the frame of their own childhood. When COS-P is offered to professionals, the program announcement must contain the following under the title:
    “The focus of this workshop will be for participants to learn Circle of Security Parenting© for their own personal family relationships and is not training participants to professionally use the materials or DVD.”
  • Will not present to a group larger than 18. This is considered training and is not within the scope of the registered parent educator training
  • Will not present COS-P as counseling, therapy, evidence based intervention, or any term that implies psychological treatment of any mental disorder, diagnosis, or clinical parent child program
  • Will not give, sell, or loan any other person the materials (manual and/or DVD)
  • Will not use COS-P for any research project without written permission to do so
  • Will not incorporate materials from COS-P into a new manual for a parenting program
  • If giving a presentation on a relevant topic, will use COS-P materials for less than 10% of the content of the presentation

Download and print brochures in English or Spanish. Brochures should be printed two sided by selecting the option to “flip on short edge”.

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