Stephaine Morse

Last Class Date
February 28, 2017
Sponsoring Agency
Region II and West Central Health District
Number of Individuals in Class:
Number of Families in Class:
Was child care available?
Was food provided?
If Yes, food was provided by:
West Central Health District
Was transportation provided?
Were incentives provided to parents to attend?
Where was the Circle of Security-Parenting class held?
If other, please specify
West Central Health District
6. I participated in reflective consultation.
If yes, who provided the consultation?
Dr. Hald
7. I participated in reflective consultation:
1-2 x per month
8. The reflective consultation I received was helpful.
Strongly Agree
9. The frequency of the reflective consultation was adequate.
How many families did you refer for additional services?
Please select the referred services
Please list successes and/or breakthroughs you saw parents experience during the Circle of Security-Parenting class.
Parents being able to see how domestic violence and the couple's relationships can indirectly affect the child. Even if the child was not present when the fighting was happening.
What were some of the challenges you experienced in leading the class?
Participants wanting direct answers
What do you plan to do differently, if anything, the next time you lead a Circle of Security-Parenting class?
Continue to be better at being with and helping participants in the bottom of the circle more.
Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience in leading this class?
Please share one or two success stories that demonstrate the impact of the Circle of Security-Parenting class
A mother who had her own daughter return to her home as a teenager after she was adopted as a child. This mother was very quite through the first four classes but began to open up slowly. At the end if the class it was her birthday and this daughter used pictures of she and her mother together to describe their relationship. The mother brought this to group and shared with everyone.