Karen Salyer

Last Class Date
May 1, 2017
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Region 2
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Where was the Circle of Security-Parenting class held?
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McCook Community College
6. I participated in reflective consultation.
How many families did you refer for additional services?
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Please list successes and/or breakthroughs you saw parents experience during the Circle of Security-Parenting class.
As usual, the participants are all taken in by the "hidden in plain sight" card demo. I love how that sets it up that maybe there may be a better way of looking at parenting. During the final review at least three participants commented that the circles of feelings and reflecting on how they were encouraged or discouraged in expressing those in their homes of origin, was the biggest ah-ha moment for them. Once they could look at their parents objectively, they seemed more willing to look at themselves a little harder. That also made them more determined to change for their children.
What were some of the challenges you experienced in leading the class?
Two of the participants seemed to have low IQ's. Another couple had English as a second language. I tried to use a lot of visuals. I have a large poster of the circle and pointed to it as we referred to it each week.I made a copy of the handouts and laminated them to point to as we are discussing them. I have added "Word Art" visual posters of sayings such as "attention vs. connection" and "blame vs. reflection". I also made a page with four small circles to follow for lesson 2 instead of the "Name that Need" handout, which I find very confusing. (I think if you're trying to help them learn to use the circle, then just use the circle!)
What do you plan to do differently, if anything, the next time you lead a Circle of Security-Parenting class?
I will take the participants through the survey one question at a time, especially if I have people whom I think will have a difficult time with it. Of course I'm always working on less lecture and more reflective questions!!! (Something about old dogs and new tricks?)
Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience in leading this class?
Please add the digit 0 to the drop down list on question #17. If participants have no children, then they need to be able to leave question #18 blank. Add an "over 18" option on survey question #18 because many people come as grandparents or older caregivers who have grown children but still have a huge impact to make with this new knowledge. On question 20, many participants could mark multiple answers, but I can only enter one option on the computer. It would be better if I could mark all the applicable choices on the computer. Or maybe change the question to include "the role that was most important to you for taking this class" or something similar.
Please share one or two success stories that demonstrate the impact of the Circle of Security-Parenting class
The dad of seven said he has totally changed the way he interacts with his kids because he now sees their initiations as seeking connection instead of attention. He says its much different than how he used to be "bothered" by their interruptions. A different dad reported that he often struggles to connect with his 13 year old step son. He told multiple stories, but one night the son was totally distraught that he had left his new, expensive water bottle at the track meet. The dad and mom were treating it like a regular life lesson, no big deal. He'll just have to use his money to buy another if he wants one. Well, the son couldn't let it go. They empathized and supported as much as they could but when their compassion started to wane, they took a time out for themselves and didn't let the situation escalate. They waited to later when he was calm to continue the discussion and by then the son apologized and things were repaired.