Karen Salyer

Last Class Date
March 14, 2017
Sponsoring Agency
Region II Human Services
Number of Individuals in Class:
Number of Families in Class:
Was child care available?
Was food provided?
Was transportation provided?
Were incentives provided to parents to attend?
Where was the Circle of Security-Parenting class held?
Private practice office
6. I participated in reflective consultation.
Please select the referred services
If other, please specify
Did not refer
Please list successes and/or breakthroughs you saw parents experience during the Circle of Security-Parenting class.
This class was provided to the staff at McCook's Heartland Counseling. I heard them using the COSP concepts among themselves, outside of class, reinforcing one another in applying their new knowledge.
What were some of the challenges you experienced in leading the class?
With 10 participants, it was challenging to keep the younger, less experienced parents, engaged in sharing. It is also difficult to get 10 professionals together over their noon hour for 10 consecutive weeks. I was very pleased with their efforts to be there each week.
What do you plan to do differently, if anything, the next time you lead a Circle of Security-Parenting class?
I continue to work on asking reflective questions instead of lecturing. I AM getting better!
Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience in leading this class?
It was a delight to work with a group of mental health professionals. They get it quickly and have appropriate examples. The professionals also got to see the positive growth in the office staff who don't have that therapy background. Pretty impressive!
Please share one or two success stories that demonstrate the impact of the Circle of Security-Parenting class
One staff member had formerly worked with one of my students in a COSP class. She explained he was probably not a fast learner but he told her about what he was learning in class. She went with it even though she wasn't familiar with the circle. She said he had it right. She is excited to be able to facilitate carryover better for her clients now. That same staff member reported she had a hard phone call with her son and instead of giving advise, she was able to listen with empathy and support him, keeping them both on the circle. One student shared that her husband noticed and praised her for her improved parenting skills.