Date: Monday, Nov 11, 2019

Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Repeats every week every Monday 8 times.

Unity of Lincoln, 1941 N. 68th Street, Lincoln, NE 68505

Are you an adoptive/kinship or step-parent who wants to strengthen your relationship with your child/teen?

Circle of Security is all about relationships: what makes for secure relationships and what we as parents can do to create stronger and safer attachments. This is particularly challengeing if we have come into a child's life later eg., as foster or adoptive parents, step-parents or grandparents. Sometimes our children come to us after experiencing trauma and maybe they have never felt safe with their parents or previous caregivers.

Are you interested in learning new ways to understand your child/teen's needs and behavior? At times, have you been afreaid that it is "too late?"  You will learn how to teach your child/teen how to manage their emotions. You will learn that we all make mistakes: it is how we make the "repair" that strengthens our relationships. You will learn what is under the acting out behaviors. You will learn that sometimes our needs interfere with our child/teen's needs and what to do when that happens. You will learn that it is Never Too Late!

This class is geared for parents/caregivers who have come into a child's life later. 

The registration fee is $200 for one parent, $300 for a couple.

Registration Instructions

Register on-line through this website and/or call Sarah Lowe at 402-858-5149

Facilitator Contact Information

Barbara Dewey
(402) 525-9825

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